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Life is eternal and love is immortal; And death is only a horizon, And a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. Rossiter W. Raymond

This memorial was created in the memory of my son, Dr. Rick Toracinta. Rick was born in Willimantic Connecticut on November 8 1965 and passed away in his home in Columbus, Ohio on November 22 2005 at the age of 40. Rick was an outstanding scientist, educator and human being. Rick was the kind of person who made the community he lived in more than just a collection of individuals, whether lending his support to others professionally, personally or spiritually he was known for his heart and generosity. Rick’s “Selfless giving support to others” endeared him to so many during his short life time.



  Ernest Richard“Rick”Toracinta,Ph.D. Dr.Toracinta graduated from Nacogdoches High School in 1983 and earned a doctorate in meteorology from Texas A&M University.He was a member of St. Patrick Catholic Church and was laid to rest at St. Joseph Cemetery in Lockbourne, Ohio on Nov. 26. 















 Rick Toracinta, Polar Researcher and Severe Weather Enthusiast, passes away




Dr. Rick Toracinta passed away Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at his home in Columbus, Ohio. Rick had lived in Columbus for the past five years, working as a research scientist for the Polar Meteorology Group at The Ohio State University's Byrd Polar Research Center where he performed numerical modeling of the meteorological conditions at the onset of the Laurentide Ice Sheet, the last major glaciation that covered most of Canada and the northern U.S. about 20,000 years ago.

Rick was a very active member in his community. He volunteered his time each Wednesday for the past several years to deliver hot meals to the elderly through the Meals-on-Wheels program. He also raised funds for programs such as the Lance Armstrong Foundation for those afflicted with cancer.

Rick was an avid cyclist, frequently riding his bike to work even on days with poor weather. There is no doubt that his biggest meteorological passion was severe weather. Rick was frequently asked to lecture to meteorology courses at OSU about thunderstorms and tornadoes. Each year he would spend his vacation guiding severe weather tours on the Great Plains for groups of less-experienced weather enthusiasts who shared his passion.

Rick is survived by his parents, Alma & James Chaney of Rockingham, N.C, Francis E. & Eleanor Toracinta. One sister, Cheryl & Husband Mark Duksta and one niece Allison Duksta of Austin, Texas.

Rick was a unique person that pursued all aspects of his life with zeal and dedication. He was patient and selfless, willing to go out of his way to help others. Those of us who were colleagues of Rick's will greatly miss him.








Rick's Christmas Flowers






Laid to rest in St. Joesph's Cemetery in Lockbourne, Ohio



 My Special Angel And Star

Your words were always gentle, loving and kind.
A more caring person would be a very rare find.
Your light shone out so bright each and every day.
Many lives were enriched as you passed their way.
I miss you with such pain that it's beyond any belief.
My days are filled with sweet memories and grief.
The fabric of my life was ripped apart from pain
And it can't be mended until I can see you again.


Linda Parks Owens

Copyright 2009  Linda Parks Owens




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